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Waco di Mambro

31 Mar 2014 reply

A new musical project of mine dedicated to documenting cult mass suicide through History. Each record will include 6 tracks of ambient soundscapes and will be focused on a particular cult. The first record will be dedicated to the Heaven’s Gate cult. Its closest members committed suicide in 1997.

For those of you who don’t know them, get ready…

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1 Mar 2014 reply

Originally submitted to the S13 guide 2 competition. Made the cut through the last 20 but not the last 4.
The theme was Urban Ghosts, enjoy the ride folks.

1 Brian Eno – The Secret Place
2 Lustmord – The Last Days
3 Jeff Greinke – Urban Pasture
4 Beneath The Lake – Silent Uprising
5 Beyond Sensory Experience – Standing Silent
6 Simon Scott – Derelict Days
7 Selaxon Lutberg – Remember Or Forget?
8 Aethenor – III
9 Jacaszek – Golden Grove
11 Coil – Paint Me As A Dead Soul
12 Deaf Center – New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)
13 Svarte Greiner – Black Tie
14 Tor Lundvall – The Shipyard At Night
15 Black Light District – Chalice
16 Basic House – Child Confession
17 Umberto – Final Exit
18 Les Joyaux De La Princesse – Cimetiere
19 Roly Porter – Giant
20 Somnivore – Vuon Alinen I – Hukuin (Baltimore 1849)
21 Mark Von Hoen – Why Hide From Me
22 The Stranger – Providence Or Fate?
23 Ulver – Noche Oscura Del Alma
24 Deathprod – Dead People’s Things
25 Raison d’Etre – The Slow Ascent




CWS LIVE MIX / Urban Ghosts by Simon Malivindi on Mixcloud

Picture by Simon Malivindi

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19 Jan 2014 reply

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24 Dec 2013 reply

20. Tor Lundvall – Structures And Solitude (Dais Records)

The ultimate Lundvall collection. And an essential addition to your winter survival kit.

19. Alberich – Turned Back (Hospital Productions)

I wish Alberich was commissioned to write the next Olympic anthem. In a perfect world, Hermann Nitsch would handle choreographic duties.

18. A.M.S.G – Anti-Cosmic Tyranny (Profound Lore)

This record was written in jail after his genitor got busted for guns and drugs trafficking. That’s some serious street cred, son. You can’t go wrong with saxophone and black-metal anyway…

17. Emptyset – Recur (Raster-Noton)

Another daedalus of harsh electronic explorations, “Recur” will make you feel like a K.Dick schizoid, skin rash included.

16. Niggas With Guitars – Ethnic Frenzy (Digitalis)

I mean, they could have put out a hillbilly record for all I care, they would have been in that list no matter what. But it turned out this band also makes pretty sick music.

15. Miles – Faint Hearted (Modern Love)

A bold sonic statement from Demdike Stare other half.
I don’t have to tell you how impeccable their tastes are. Miles gives us a lesson in electronic music and we can only bow to the master.

14. Vatican Shadow – Remember Your Black Day (Hospital Productions)

Anything from Vatican Shadow is a masterpiece. “Remember Your Black Day” is no exception. Their music is an evil insidious rampant litany that will crawl into your ear and eat your brains out like a vicious bug.

13. Ulver (with Tromsø Chamber Orchestra) – ‎– Messe I.X-VI.X- (Jester/Neuropa)

There is an implacable rule to Ulver’s music: one time out of two, their albums are plain awful. This “Messe”, aka Coil meets Arvo Part, is as good as their previous effort was bad.

12. Tropic Of Cancer – Restless Idylls (Blackest Ever Black)

Tropic Of Cancer plays chic spleen goth music that works like a muscle depressant: relaxing and soothing with a good chance of serious addiction.

11. Gris – A l’Ame Enflammee, l’Ame Constellee (Sepulchral Productions)

A mercurial odyssey through desolate planes, painfully majestic and beautiful. And barely any black-metal cheesiness either which doesn’t hurt.

10. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris (Columbia)

Yes. Earl proves he is the master of bizarro awesomeness. I was not expecting this record to be that good. The other Odd Future dudes must be dead jealous.

9. Tim Hecker – Virgins (Kranky)

Tim Hecker goes Giallo on us. Virgins is like a walk in the attic with a dying flashlight and a handful of ghosts as companions.

8. The Stranger – Watching Dead Empires In Decay (Modern Love)

A very compelling experimental record that I’d recommend to listen on headphones in a big crowd. “Watching Dead Empires In Decay” indeed…

7. Prurient – Through The Window (Blackest Ever Black)

The first time I heard this, I honestly wanted the damn thing to never stop. “Through The Window” is the perfect idea…
»  read on…

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14 Oct 2013 reply

The Face Of Salvation

Chris Watson – Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding On Zebra Carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya
Nostalgia – Sprite And Angels
Kenji Kawai – Ghosthack
Raime – Exist In The Spirit Of Practice
Young Hunting – Embers From The Pyre
Demdike Stare – Bardo Thodoi
Cut Hands – Krokodilo
Chris Watson – The Forest Path: Meallan Na Ceardaich, Glen Affric, Scotland
RainForest Spiritual Enslavement – These Spirits Are Thought To Live Far Out At Sea And
Are Usually Malevolent
Carter Tutti Void – V3
Cliff Martinez – Bride Of Chang
Traversable Worlmhole – Exotic Matter (Original)
Kareem – Mesmeric
Northern Structures – Session I
Ventress – Typhon
Bronze Age – Modal Ingenuity
Regis – Blood Witness
BMB – Dead Sun
Ancient Methods VS Adam X – Mitral Regurgitation (Ancient Methods Mix)
Ugandan Methods – Beneath The Black Arch
Ancient Methods – Knights & Bishops
Imminent Starvation – Ire
Miles – Archaic Thought Pattern 1
Beneath The Lake – Water
RainForest Spiritual Enslavement – Refuges From Black Magic
Polar Inertia – Indirect Light

Recorded live october 13th, 2013, Brooklyn, New York

Pictures from Antediluvian Current

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17 Aug 2013 reply

Witness The Spread Part I : The Hands of Salvation


BEASTIE BOX is dead!

I grew tired of it and for months couldn’t force myself into putting together a new mix. Same old tricks. Cut and paste. Boring.

Hope you guys had a good time listening to them, a few of these were actually pretty good. But time to move on!

All the exclusive mixes to come on Cooking With Satan from now on will be recorded live on turntables under the moniker CWS. And they fully embrace my renewed interest in techno and electronic music.

The first serie is called “Witness The Spread” and it’s in 4 parts. Part 1 is called “The Hands of Salvation”. Please indulge a few glitches here and there, I’m still a little rusty. Hope you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned for part II soon.


Cut Hands – Witness The Spread
Simon Scott – Derelict Days
Andy Stott – Expecting
The Sight Below – Through The Gaps In The Land
Silent Servant – Utopian Disaster (End)
Saaad with Mondkopf – Last Love
Prurient – You Show Great Spirit
Gas – Zauberberg 3
Sandwell District – Falling The Same Way
Lussuria – American Babylon
The Haxan Cloak – The Fall
Coil – Is Suicide A Solution?
Ulver / Raison d’Etre – Not Saved / Death In The Body But Made Alive By The Spirit

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R + C

10 Aug 2013 reply


Sar Peladan

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19 Jul 2013 reply

Current obsession of the moment.
Sweating water and blood to the genius of Peter Christopherson.
Simply stunning.

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12 Jul 2013 reply

Holy shit, one of the best hip-hop album ever made and available for free download! Run The Jewels is Killer Mike and EL-P and it’s seriously dope.
Don’t really have the time for long posting, just listen to the music. Loud if you can.

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Embrace Your Madness

3 Jun 2013 reply

In memory of Tristan Egolf, one of the most brilliant, intense and unique writer I’ve ever read. His first novel “Lord of the Barnyard” is a total masterpiece that everyone should read. Dynamite for your brain.

This article is a vibrant testimony of the life and work of this shooting star.

Written by Jason Fagone and originally published in Philadelphia Mag, april 2008.

It’s been 5 years Tristan Egolf left us but I caught myself thinking about him the other day so there you go…

“The chaotic beauty of Tristan Egolf’s prose was nothing compared to the unrest in his head.

HE IS A man in the wrong place at the wrong time, a man wearing a polka-dotted dress and a mohawk next to a bunch of kids wearing t-shirts and jeans. He is a young man who is angry about something, screaming at unsafe decibel levels, even if no one can make out the words.
In a few years, he will be mildly famous. Foreign newspapers will call him a poet of the American soul. They will compare his literary gifts to those of Faulkner, Pynchon, Céline, Bukowski, Twain. But for now, he’s just a weird-looking white dude in a dress, screaming about … what? About the amphetamine uproar. The fatted calf. He’s screaming REDRUM on a dinky music stage at the back of one of Drexel University’s outdoor quads — his lyrics getting hacked to bits by the crappy P.A. system —


And 50 Drexel kids are looking up at Tristan Egolf and his three bandmates, thinking …


He has failed.


His gaze falls on the crowd.


Normally he’d solve the problem of low audience energy by pulling down his pants and flapping his dick around. But he can’t do it today. A rent-a-cop is eyeing him from stage-right. So he moves to Plan B. Steps to the edge of the stage, four feet up, and dives. His six-foot-five body makes a belly-flop pose in midair. The few kids in front of the stage just barely cushion his fall, so he tumbles awkwardly to the concrete as the kids laugh and laugh and Tristan, back onstage in a flash, screams:


YOU CAN SUM UP HIS LIFE IN A SENTENCE. Here goes. Tristan Egolf wrote the Great American Novel when he was 25 years old. That’s it. The defining fact. Because nobody does that. Millions dream about it, millions are going to fail. It’s hard enough to write a bad novel, exponentially harder to write a good one.

And yet here was this redneck from Amish Country who didn’t just write the Great American Novel — which he called Lord of the Barnyard, an angry, heart-stoppingly gorgeous 410-page yarn about a garbage man in a small Midwestern town — when he was 25 years old. No. He did it in a…
»  read on…

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18 Apr 2013 reply

Cold Cave just released a EP on Deathwish, “Oceans With No Ends”. You can order it here.

Cold Cave and Boyd Rice collaboration started a while ago through Heartworm Press, Wes Eisold publishing company, who released some of Boyd Rice literary work such as “Twilight Man”. Heartworm just put out a new edition of his book


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18 Apr 2013 reply

Ghost is back with a new horror cinematic concept in Mario Bava/Lucio Fulci splattered technicolor called “Twelve Reasons To Die”. The story goes as follow: Ghostface AKA Tony Starks fights against a crime organization, falls in love with the kingpin’s daughter, and seeks revenge once he is murdered. So still plenty of room for ferocious rhymes about italian mafiosi and hopeless gunfights. Driven by a sharp sense of storytelling and blessed by a raw and strip-down production (props to Adrian Younge), Ghostface proves once again he’s definitely the most creative force in the Wu-Tang crew and one of the best MC to have ever blessed the mic (not to mention his ability to remain super stylish wearing just a robe).

Old-school shit but good shit.

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16 Apr 2013 reply

Absolute wonder, more coming soon, need to listen to it another 1000 times first.

Get it here.

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15 Apr 2013 reply

Cool video gang responsible for the stuff below. Check it out…

New Iceage is good, didn’t get the chance to talk about it yet but it’s good. They even got press from Iggy, the dude from the Stooges. Here’s a video of them performing the track “Morals” in New York.

Hoax is a hardcore band with a singer who’s calling for trouble when he’s on stage. Sometimes he also hits himself up with the mic. That’s about it really, cool pissed-off music. They did this video with a lot of gay sex imagery which I like a lot.

I don’t know much about King Tuff but Hammer horror stuff mixed with rock n’ roll is always cool.

More muscles ici.

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18 Mar 2013 reply

Got this bad guy done yesterday by Brian Wren at Tattoo Culture, Brooklyn.
Hurt like a son of a bitch but I’m really pleased with the result.

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16 Mar 2013 reply

Some of you might be familiar with his brilliant work through the enigmatic cover art of Yoga’s masterpiece, “Megafauna”. Jon Estwards is a young canadian multi-disciplinary artist who developed a fascinating universe through layers of textures and colors. Like Brian Froud meets Francesca Woodman with a strong sense of fashion…
You can now purchase some of his prints via his Etsy page at very decent prices and I could not recommend you enough to do so. Great stuff.

All useful info and more pictures can be seen at his facebook page.

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15 Mar 2013 reply

Fantastic mixtape by this New York based ambient project available on Blowing Up the Workshop. You can download it here.
And there is other cool stuff available here so take the time to check it out!

Lussuria will be touring Europe with Aluk Todolo in may.
See below for all tour dates.


Serie Di Colori Senza Emozioni

‘All compositions were created with excerpts of the recordings listed below used as source material. Manipulated to varying degrees to what is presented here. Headphones are strongly recommended.’

I – Love Will Survive Death
∘ Ende – Gift
∘ Franco Piana – Door to Silence
∘ Runes Order – The Hopeless Days
∘ Progetto Morte – New Day

II – Senseless Without Sight
∘ Crawl Unit – Proprietary Acoustics
∘ Omei – A Single Sickened Cell
∘ Prurient – The History of AIDS
∘ Vetrophonia – Simultannost

III – Serie Di Colori Senza Emozioni
∘ Aenima – Revolutions
∘ Beherit – Electric Doom Synthesis
∘ Carlo Maria Cordio – Absurd
∘ Sutcliffe Jugend – When Pornography is No Longer Enough

IV – Tesoro Autunno
∘ Alberich – Turned Back
∘ Birds of Tin – Votive
∘ Sanctum – Lupus in Fabula
∘ Skin Crime – Eyestrain

V – Death Will Survive Love
∘ Coil – The Angelic Conversation
∘ Dead Can Dance – Within the Realm of A Dying Sun
∘ Maeror Tri – Myein
∘ Mlehst – La Main Bandee & Tied Up To A Man

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28 Feb 2013 reply

Daniel Darc died in Paris today.

I met him once at some tattoo parlor, he was a big mess but a fun mess. Well, at least when you didn’t have to spend more than 10 minutes with him…

I didn’t really like his recent solo stuff and Taxi Girl has always been overrated but Daniel Darc was for sure a character, a real rock n’ roll dude and a terrific writer.

Rest in peace.

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25 Feb 2013 reply

Most amazing forgotten video from Laibach.

To quote the artists:

“At the moment (political) zombies are very popular in Slovenia. In this perspective see very first ‘official’ Laibach video ‘We are Forging the Future!’, filmed in Ljubljana’s legendary FV club in 1983, inspired by two of Laibach’s early posters from 1982 – ‘The Death of Ideology’ and ‘Ausstellung Laibach Kunst – PM’ from 1983.

This video, filmed by Richard Heslop, was consider to be lost, and was only recently ‘rediscovered’.”

Pure genius as usual.

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22 Feb 2013 reply

Ok, not exactly fresh news but I just read this really cool comic book about Jeffrey Dahmer’s youth called “My Friend Dahmer” by Derf Backderf. Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous serial-killer who loved, killed, mutilated and ate (in no specific order) a bunch of cool looking young guys back in the eighties with this cute particularity of storing body parts for months for his own entertainment. Of course, these killings didn’t come out of the blue, one could even point out it was the long coming consequence of a compulsive fascination for roadkill, animals entrails (“I wanted to say what it looked like” said Dahmer), death and all sorts of putrid things that inevitably led him to social awkwardness, sexual frustration, alcoholism and, finally, kill a whole lot of people. Thank God, he wasn’t a Black Sabbath fan…

“My Friend Dahmer” tells you all about the upbringing of young Dahmer, upbringing which took place in some small town of the Midwest and a rather, o surprise, shitty family environment. Not exactly the right time and place to get oneself out of the closet to say the least. And so inevitably, we see lonely Dahmer slowly but surely turned into the serial-killer he was bound to become. The big turn-on about this piece of work, and what makes it so unique, is the fact that it was actually drawn and written by someone who spent junior high and high school with Dahmer! What you got here is a recollection of Dahmer memories from a young kid throughout his teenage years.

Empathy but not sympathy, it’s what the author is giving us, far from any CNN sensationalism crap and typical villain portraiture, not to mention the goofy graphic style contrasting drastically with the horror of the subject dissected here with the outmost accuracy (Derf also dug up a lot of archive material).

Hard to say if Dahmer’s life would have been different if the people around him, starting from his parents, would have paid more attention to him. My humble take on this is that the guy could have maybe found salvation if he only he had the capability of turning his shit into art. Be it gay porn or taxidermy or porn taxidermy or Nicolas Cage.

(Mais bon sans ca c’est vrai qu’on aurait jamais eu droit a un tel joyau il faut bien l’avouer…)

At least this comic book will give you another vision of one of the biggest figure from the golden age of serial-killers, when they were wearing brown suits, big glasses, driving dodgy vans while Donna Summer was playing on the radio and DNA wasn’t yet their worst nightmare.

“My Friend Dahmer” conception started soon after Jeffrey’s death and its first incarnation got turned down by all publishers circa 1994. Derf decided to auto-published a shorter version that instantly gained a cult status in the underground in 2002 (and even got adapted as a stage play), it eventually got published to international acclaim in its…
»  read on…

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20 Feb 2013 reply

Pour nos lecteurs francophones (et francophiles) un petit florilege d’annonces originellement publiees dans divers gros et moches mensuels de metal hexagonaux qui ont berces notre jeunesse et compilees ici avec maestria par Matt Canag.

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18 Feb 2013 reply

The great Lithunian website Secret Thirteen just released this rad mix by Ancient Methods. Not as upfront as their usual mixes (we are reading here that Ancient Methods is now the sole project of Michael Wollenhaupt), this set delivers intricate sounds straight from the ambient and industrial realms… Ok I’m not so keen on french vocals lecturing the witchcraft Wikipedia page but everything else is pretty flawless. So if you feel like embarking into a meditative journey filled up with ethereal moods and kaleidoscopic textures, the play button is right below.

More about Ancient Methods here.

Visit Secret Thirteen

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17 Feb 2013 reply

Aluk Todolo hit the road again after the release of its critically acclaimed new LP “Occult Rock” available through Ajna Offensive in the states and Norma Evangelium Diaboli in Europe. The band will tour with New York based ambient project Lussuria. Not to be missed!

ALUK TODOLO + LUSSURIA on tour May 2013 :

2013-05-14 Antwerpen, Belgium, Kavka
2013-05-15 Bruxelles, Belgium, Dna
2013-05-16 TBA ([at]gmail[dot]com)
2013-05-17 TBA ([at]gmail[dot]com)
2013-05-18 TBA ([at]gmail[dot]com)
2013-05-19 Krakow, Poland, Kawiarnia Naukowa
2013-05-20 Vienna, Austria, Rhiz
2013-05-21 Budapest, Hungary, Trafik Klub
2013-05-22 Zagreb, Croatia, Kset
2013-05-23 Ljubjana, Slovenia, Gromka
2013-05-24 Milano, Italy, Lo-Fi
2013-05-25 Grenoble, France, L’amperage
2013-05-26 Geneve, Swiss, Ecurie De L’ilot

Still available on May 16, 17 & 18 in the Netherland, Germany & CZ republik, contact :[at]gmail[dot]com.

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15 Feb 2013 reply

That’s the title of the new Iceage album, released on february 18th and available through Escho (also available, “Ecstasy”, 7″ taken from the album).
If the track “Coalition” sounds pretty similar to what they did on their previous record, the single “Ecstasy” seems to offer slightly more. So not sure if this will be as exciting as I hope it to be but more on this album soon anyway. Artwork is a killer, as usual.

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Uncle Buk

14 Feb 2013 reply

“just heard a commercial
which told me
Farmer John smokes his own
now, there’s one tough
son of a

Charles Bukowski, Ham On Rye

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11 Feb 2013 reply

I’m pretty sure everybody here is more or less familiar with the innovator of power electronics, the infamous Whitehouse, notorious for noise milestones such as “I’m Coming Up Your Ass” , “Ass Destroyer” or “You Don’t Have To Say Please”, intense live shows (AKA Live Actions) and impeccable pristine cover artwork throughout their entire discography.
What you might not be so familiar with is the fact that one of its founder, William Bennett, is also a DJ with the most incredible record collection (if you want to know more about his collection please read this very interesting interview here) and mostly spinning Italo Disco under the avatar DJ Benetti.
You can keep yourself updated and listen some of his mixes on his blog but I’d like to suggest, as a starter, this short but incredible mix he did for Vice Magazine. Among other things, it features a mind blowing remix of a famous Giallo theme at 19′10″.

No need to mention this a million miles away from what Bennett is known for (both in Whitehouse and Cut Hands) but most definitely equally brilliant.


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6 Feb 2013 reply

And now something completely different: I recently fell in love with Scot Sothern’s work.
This Los Angeles based photographer published a little while ago the most amazing book “Lowlife”, a collection of LA prostitutes on the rather low level of the spectrum as you probably already all guessed. This book could actually be a good graphic companion to the Gillis/Sotos “Pure Filth” anthology already presented on this blog. Looking at his work, it’s no mystery than he did more than just shooting these prostitutes. These incredible black and white shots come with short beautiful eerie texts, a voyeuristic behind the scenes of some sort.
He is also the author of the upcoming autobiography “Curb Service, a memoir”, due in july of this year, and I’m sure we’ll find the time to talk about it here. Who would miss stories featuring two-dollar whorehouses, crack-cocaine and a Nikon camera in the 80’s?

You can purchase “Lowlife” here.

And read a bunch of cool interviews with Scot here.

Lowlife – Scot Sothern from Stanley Barker on Vimeo.

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14 Jan 2013 reply


A film noir soundtrack featuring (in order of appearance):

Miles Davis, Angelo Badalamenti, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Haruka Nakamura, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

The movie excerpts you can hear come from:

The Letter, 1940
Dark Passage, 1947
Laura, 1944

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13 Jan 2013 reply

Here’s a cool video by one of my favorite french band, Scorpion Violente. I don’t think we ever talked about them but definitely used some of their tracks on Beastie Box…
Anyway, they just released their third record, “The Rapist”, on their own label (the well-named “Teenage Menopause”) so we might as well talk a little bit about it. This time the band added vocals to their analog synth diarrhea which makes things even more… spongy. The fascinating thing about this band, because it is a fascinating band, is how french they actually sound. At least to me. Listening to this LP is like reading “Le Nouveau Detective”. Their minimalism carries the very specific flavour of the fistfights of your teenage years (or more exactly in my case, being chased by a bunch of inbreds) on the parking lot of the local supermarket of some shithole town, we all grew up in some shithole town somewhere. The very special smell of this France of the 80’s, the one of VHS porn, action B-movies, 8-bit video games, italo disco, and fantastic true crime stories such as “L’affaire Gregory” or “Les disparues de l’Yonne” that I still particularly enjoy today in no specific order of preference.
If you’re french and grew up in the 80’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not, don’t worry: didn’t you have a dirty uncle who was hiding porn in his garage next to a bunch of big fucked-up knives, the same uncle who never got married and you have absolutely no clue about what he did between 72 and 84?
In the end, Scorpion Violente talks to all of us and this is god damn beautiful. Hail to “The Rapist”.

Check the band Bandcamp

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21 Dec 2012 reply

10. Death Grips – No Love Deep Web

“No Love Deep Web” is the biggest fuck you to a major record label in ages. Who even cares about the music? Turns out it’s brilliant actually.

9. Cult Of Youth – Love Will Prevail

Please. Play this album at my funeral feast while someone standing in the corner is reading out loud some Hemingway. No holds barred.

8. Hirsute Pursuit – Tighten That Muscle Ring

Gay industrial groove bondage anyone? This album is the window you can’t open in a cum-soaked backroom somewhere in Siam, an endless source of sweet frustration.

7. The Secret – Agnus Dei

These Italians play black metal the way their forefathers directed western: like a wild bunch of decadent sexy punk motherfuckers.

6. SpaceGhostPurrp – The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp

The perfect music for sex, blood and 4am out-of-body experience in the bathroom. And who the fuck is A$SAP ROCKY?

5. Barbarossa Umtrunk – Der Talisman Des Rosenkreuzers

A bombastic bridge between East and West. As the end is near the old idols rise again. Celebrating fire with fire.

4. Vatican Shadow – Ghosts Of Chechnya

Elevator music for the Intifada. When the martyrs go synth. I go apeshit.

3. Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock

A music that comes from the bowels of the earth. The true elemental source of psychedelia. Impressive.

2. Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind

The next chapter of an ongoing manifesto redefining hardcore music each time. And yes my friend, you will cry, all we love, we leave behind.

1. Swans – The Seer

As if St John himself decided to go upstate New York to write his Apocalypse on guitar. Perfection.

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18 Dec 2012 reply

These days, I listen to a lot the Hirsute Pursuit album “Tighten That Muscle Ring”, maybe because I’m traveling to Gay Paris soon.
This groovy decadent rubber mash-up of Wu-Tang Clan and Frankie Goes To Hollywood (well, only if you think of it remixed by Coil) is somehow perfect for the end of the year and their Bowie cover “Boy Keeps Swinging” is a total smash hit! They will be playing at Europa in Brooklyn with Mr. Boyd Rice.
Not to be missed!

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6 Nov 2012 reply

Pictures taken from: Fuck Yeah Gay Nazis!.
Bring on the gayness.

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6 Nov 2012 reply

That’s old news but I wanted to share here the first video of this Iceage offshoot previously called War now renamed VÅR which can be translated as “Spring”, marking a new age for the band. Homoerotic imagery mixed with Danish landscapes and a recurrent euro symbol, the video features a friend of them, an Icelandic guy who moved to Peru and became a stripper. See for yourself. An album is expected on Sacred Bones sometime in 2013.

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3 Nov 2012 reply


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31 Oct 2012 reply

And here is part 2.

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31 Oct 2012 reply


The introduction to the cosmic treatise, containing the mystery of the cosmos, which is concerned with the significant ratios of the celestial spheres and the real and proper causes for the number, the size, and the periodical movement of the spheres presented with the help of five geometric figures.

Tetrahedron / Fire
Cube / Earth
Octahedron / Air
Isocahedron / Water
Dodecahedron / Being

1 Eric Zann feat. Delia Derbishyre – Enter The Threshold
2 Lussuria – Keys To Unlock Paradise (Roman Showers)
3 Burial – Loner
4 Prurient – Let’s Make A Slave
5 Vatican Shadow – Shooter In The Same Uniform As The Soldier
6 Ancient Methods – Untitled
7 Sandwell District – Hunting Lodge
8 Traversable Wormhole – Traversing Through The Asteroid Belt
9 Demdike Stare feat. Akira Rabelais – The Stars Are Moving
10 Geomatic – Superae Res
11 Necro Deathmort – Shadows Of Reflections Of Ghosts Past
12 Space Machine – Untitled

Tracks mixed by Cooking With Satan using the Argeiphontes Lyre by Akira Rabelais.

This mix was hugely influenced by the life and the work of the following individuals, collectives and organisations.

Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, John Dee, Edward Kelley, Rudolf II, The City of Prague, The City of Rennes-le-Chateau, Hilda Norfolk, Gustav Meyrink, Julius Evola, Akira Rabelais, Syd Barrett, Delia Derbyshire, Dominick Fernow, Peter Andersson, Boyd Rice, Hubble, NASA. And of course all the featured artists. Thanks for all the inspiration!

In memory of Neil Amstrong (1930-2012)

Aurora Quia Habet Aurum In Ore

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6 Oct 2012 reply

Three parter documentary about three one-man black-metal bands: Leviathan, Xasthur & Striborg. Good stuff.

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24 Sep 2012 reply

“A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.”

G.I Gurdjieff

Do you believe in coincidences?
I believe everything happens for a reason.
I believe that most things aren’t what they seem.
You, here, now, wherever you are, reading this.
It is happening for a reason.
Sooner and later, we all understand the meaning behind the reason.
Maybe you, you will understand even right after reading this interview.
Or is it really an interview?
Not sure. Again, I believe most things aren’t what they seem.

Barbarossa Umtrunk is by far the most interesting band in the (martial) industrial music scene today. Originating from France, their music is a complex occult labyrinth dealing with extra-ordinary concepts linked to each other in a sacred geometric figure, concepts such as Nazi Esoterism, Gnosis, Tradition, Sufism, Astronomy, Cosmology, Mythology, Runes and the list goes on and on… A fantastic melting-pot of the magical, the spiritual, the legendary and the mysterious ruled by a metapolitical and transhistorical agenda: it is indeed important to mention that Barbarossa Umtrunk doesn’t limit themselves to a vulgar scholar exposé of their thematics. There’s a band with a message, a band who has gradually become, over the years, more and more engaged in their spiritual quest, an engagement coined by the term: Pan Hyperborean Intifada. And although the band is not afraid to approach many different ideas and subjects, they have thus far stuck to a very defined concept on each album. Their last opus, “Der Talisman Des Rozenkreuzers”, is focused on the life and work of Baron Von Sebottendorf, founder of the infamous Thule Society (among many, as we’ll discover here, other things).

I’ve been following the band almost since its inception and oddly enough, their concepts & themes have always had a deep resonance in me and sparked an outgrowing interest that went far beyond the simple listening of their music. What are these concepts? Where do they come from? Who are these mysterious authors who contributed, through countless centuries, to these occult Traditions? Who are the actors behind this invisible and parallel History that no school manual ever mentioned? These are all questions I’ve been asking myself and now that my life is taking a new turn, that a few books have been read and that I was able to catch a glimpse of this majestic and immanent cyclopean figure that lies behind all things, I felt that the time had come to ask all these questions to the protagonist himself of this very strange and beautiful adventure named Barbarossa Umtrunk. So we got in touch with Baron Von Stenay, the only member of the band, and he kindly agreed to answer our questions via e-mail.

DISCLAIMER: This interview was originally done in french and then later translated into english. Due to the esoteric, philosophical and scientific content of this interview…
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Cooking With Satan on Tumblr!

23 Sep 2012 reply

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22 Sep 2012 reply

After “Prayer to Horus”, here’s another piece of crap by me, entitled “Jesus Spunk”. I decided to post this kind of stuff, meaning my very own shit, more regularly. I mean, this blog is all about me and my total lack of good taste and decency so, after all, why the hell not?

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